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Are you a mouse or a musician?
Flat or sharp, it could be the squeak you hear is more about the instrument ... and maybe that terrible squeal has little to do with you, the musician. That's good news, right? Still, an instrument in poor condition will hamper even a top player's ability to do what he or she wants to do: play music!

That's why routine care is so important, and why a poorly sounding instrument is a loud signal that you need to listen to. You know what the clunk or rattle sounds like, what it feels like -- that's your instrument telling you it's time for a really good instrument cleaning or major tune-up. Hopefully, you'll listen long before it's time for a repair.

We'll be happy to evaluate your instrument and often we find little more than a minor problem. You might discover the remedy is no-cost or a just a low-cost problem. Because lots of times we can solve a problem on the spot and it's simpler than you might think. To determine if you're a mouse or musician in need of help, try this test as a quick-list assessment: 

The Music & More, Inc. HDIC (Handy Dandy Instrument Challenge)

  • When a brass instrument becomes difficult to play 
    • regardless of what you do the slide sticks so bad you just can't call it a slide anymore. 
  • It's normal for screws to loosen, and for corks to shift out of position
    • these adjustments are part of your maintenance and cleaning routine, right? Well, it's not so normal to repair woodwinds with wood screws. And no matter what McIver did, corks are not best aligned with duct tape and cleaning rods do not slides make. 
  • The joints of brass and woodwinds are groaning 
    • the instrument is difficult to dismantle and assemble. Call us before grabbing the shoe horn
    • never force assembly with a ball peen hammer! Don't! 
  • The instrument won't perform well when the keys and pads are soiled or sticky 
    • the keys won't open or close properly ... if your flute, piccolo or trombone is leaving residue like pine sap on your fingers, then you have a problem. If the trombone is breeding fruit flies, then you have a serious problem indeed.*

Rest assured, Music & More,Inc. won't haul your horn to the landfill** 

Instead, our certified technicians will have your slide positioned and horn singing in no time. And of course, there's never any charge for advice, guidance and opinions. Except in dire circumstances, our estimates are always free. 

*Note: Never leave your school lunch in your instrument case, especially over the summer break. Never ever. 

**Oh yeah, never leave your horn in your buddy's gym bag, especially if he's the right tackle. Never ever.

Ready to Repair?

Simply contact us to discuss repairs, pricing, a loaner instrument, and any warranties or guarantees.

Feel free to ask about our certifications, too. 

You may email or call Music & More, Inc. at or 910.686.0607